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Author Interview: Tristram La Roche

FIXED by Tristram La Roche is released today!

For the first of my interviews with erotica/romance writers I decided to try out my interrogation skills on Tristram La Roche, a fellow author with Etopia Press. It was a bit of a struggle tying him to the chair – but I got there in the end…

Kiran: You are steadily gaining a name for yourself writing gay (M/M) fiction – gay romance to be precise. Traditionally the romance genre is dominated by female writers. What made you decide to write romance?

Tris: It wasn’t so much a decision to write romance as a decision to write about gay characters. It’s true that my first three novellas are romances, but they are not by any means gooey and fluffy. I started to get distressed by the way gay men were being portrayed in some of the fiction that’s about; if you read some of them, you could simply change one of the characters to a woman and the story, the sex, the emotions could remain exactly the same. This is wrong. Gay men do not think and act like women. I think I know, I am one. My fourth book, due out before Christmas (hint), is an historical MM and, whilst there is a love story in there, it’s far from traditional.

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