It’s Been Oh, So Quiet….

…but not for much longer – the nights are drawing in (here in the UK) and things will be going bump in the night more often as Halloween approaches.

Coming soon from Etopia Press – just the thing to warm things up on a spooky winter’s evening –  Halloween Heat… including my erotic short story – Eden!

Release date to be announced soon….

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  1. #1 by Elin Gregory on 2012/09/28 - 17:41

    Oh that looks fabulous! Congratulations.

  2. #3 by Catherine Cavendish on 2012/09/28 - 17:46

    That looks brilliant!

  3. #4 by Tristram La Roche on 2012/09/28 - 17:52

    So pleased to be by your side for this chiller,Kiran 😉

    • #5 by Kiran on 2012/09/28 - 17:57

      And I’m pleased you’re by my side – not creeping up behind me with a sheet over your head 🙂 (To scare me, obviously!)

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